Wednesday, August 31 (Norris Center)
12:00 Registration Open
13:30 Opening Remarks: Vicky Kalogera
Moderator: Daryl Haggard
14:00 Will M. Farr CIERA Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Astrophysics
14:25 Karoline Gilbert U Washington Stellar Halo Formation in a Hierarchical Universe: Lessons from Our Sister Galaxy Andromeda
14:50 Nikku Madhusudhan Princeton Chemical Characterization of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
15:15 Jonathan Trump UC Santa Cruz Not All AGNs are Created Equal: How Galaxies Feed and Obscure Their SMBHs
15:45 Coffee Break
Laura Chomiuk NRAO/Harvard-Smithsonian CfA EVLA Constraints on the Progenitors of Supernovae Type Ia
Eliza Kempton UC Santa Cruz The Atmosphere of the Transiting Super-Earth GJ 1214b
17:05 Aleks Diamond-Stanic UC San Diego Probing Black Hole Growth and Star Formation in Active Galaxies
17:30 Laura Trouille CIERA X-ray/IR Stacking Analysis of BPT-comp: AGN Activity Dominates
18:00 Opening Night Reception & Stargazing (Dearborn Observatory)
Thursday, September 1 (Norris Center)
7:00 Breakfast at Hilton Garden Inn
AM Moderator: Aaron Geller
9:00 Tassos Fragos Harvard-Smithsonian CfA/ITC Evolution of X-ray Binaries Across Cosmic Time and Energy Feedback at High Redshift
9:25 Daniel Fabrycky UC Santa Cruz Planetary Systems from Kepler
9:50 Diana Valencia MIT Composition and Interior Dynamics of Super-Earths
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Dave Spiegel IAS How Probable is Life? Climatic Habitability and Abiogenesis
11:10 Anil Seth University of Utah The Formation of Galaxy Nuclei
11:35 Ryan O'Leary UC Berkeley Finding the First Black Holes
12:00 Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins OSU/Caltech An Anisotropy Analysis of the Diffuse Gamma-ray Background Measured by the Fermi-LAT
12:30 Lunch (Catered at Norris): Astronomy's Future Leaders: A Discussion with AAS President-Elect David Helfand
13:45 Conference Photo
PM Moderator: Laura Trouille
14:25 Bret Lehmer JHU/GSFC X-ray Number Counts in the 4 Ms Chandra Deep Field-South: Characterizing New X-ray Source Populations
14:50 Julia Comerford UT Austin A Systematic Approach to Identifying Dual Supermassive Black Holes
15:15 Lisa Winter CU Boulder Star Formation and AGN Outflows in a Sample of Local AGNs
15:40 Coffee Break
16:15 Evghenii Gaburov CIERA Magnetically-levitating Accretion Disks around SMBH
16:40 Emily Levesque CU Boulder Probing the Host Galaxies of Nearby Long-Duration GRBs
17:05 Bryce Croll MIT Near-infrared Thermal Emission of Hot Jupiters and the Spectral Features of Super-Earths
17:30 Nick Cowan CIERA Thermal Phase Variations of WASP-12b with Warm Spitzer
18:00 Dinner (Independent)
Friday, September 2 (Norris Center)
7:00 Breakfast at Hilton Garden Inn
AM Moderator: Evghenii Gaburov
9:00 Hilke Schlichting UC Los Angeles The Kuiper Belt: Shedding light on Planet Formation & Collisional Evolution in Debris Disks
9:25 Daryl Haggard CIERA Local X-ray Bright Optically Normal Galaxies: Fossil Groups, X-ray Variables, and AGN
9:50 Laura Lopez MIT Under Pressure: Assessing the Role of Stellar Feedback in HII Regions
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Sloane Wiktorowicz UC Santa Cruz Direct Detection of Exoplanets with Polarimetry
11:10 Cora Dvorkin IAS Complete WMAP Constraints on Inflationary Features
11:35 Jo Bovy IAS Formation and Evolution of the Milky Way's Disk
12:00 Ryan Foley Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Type Ia Supernovae: Standardizable Candles and Crayons
12:30 Announcements
12:45 Lunch (Allen Center)
PM Moderator: Nick Cowan
14:15 Amy Reines NRAO Probing the Early Evolution of Massive Black Holes with Dwarf Starburst Galaxies
14:40 Jason Dexter UC Berkeley Theory, Simulation and Observation: Piecing Together Black Hole Accretion
15:05 Selma de Mink STScI Challenges for understanding the evolution of massive stars: rotation, binarity and mergers
15:30 Alyson Brooks UW Madison Toward the Formation of Realistic Dwarf Galaxies
15:55 Coffee Break
16:15 Matt McQuinn UC Berkeley 21cm Tomography of the High-redshift Universe
16:40 Ben Brown UW Madison Global-scale Simulations of Stellar Convection and their Observational Predictions
17:05 Josh Carter Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Kepler's Multi-Eclipsing Hierarchical Triples: Photo-dynamical Fits and Accurate Masses and Radii
17:30 Elizabeth Hicks CIERA Rayleigh-Taylor Unstable Flames: the Competition between Burning, Gravity and Self-Generated Flow
18:00 Dinner (Independent)
Saturday, September 3 (Hilton Garden)
8:00 Breakfast at Hilton Garden Inn
Moderator: Will Farr
9:00 Jay Strader Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Mass-to-Light Ratios of Globular Clusters in the Local Group
9:25 Aaron Geller CIERA Companions to the NGC 188 Blue Stragglers
9:50 Matt Povich Penn State The Chandra Carina Complex Project: A Spatially Resolved X-ray and Mid-Infrared Study of the Nearest Galactic Starburst Region
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 John Everett UW Madison Driving Ionized Galactic-Scale Winds: Gas & Cosmic-Ray Pressure, Magnetic Fields, and Rotation
11:10 Adrian Barker CIERA Internal wave breaking and the fate of planets around solar-type stars.
11:35 Emily Rauscher U Arizona Untwisting the Atmospheric Twirls of Hot Jupiters
12:00 Closing Remarks: Frederic Rasio