extreme solar systems line
  Monday evening, June 25
  7:30 - 9:30 PM: Opening Reception and Registration at the Conference Center
  DAY I - Tuesday, June 26

  9:00 AM: Session 1: Overview of Observations   [Chair: F. Rasio]
  Welcome - Introduction (10 mins)
  Alex Wolszczan
“Pulsar Planets” (20 mins)
  Stephane Udry
“Extrasolar Planets: The Golden Age of Radial Velocities” (20 mins)
  Michel Mayor
“From Hot Jupiters to Hot Super-Earths” (20 mins)
  Jason Wright
“Multiple-Planet Systems” (20 mins)
  10:30 AM: Coffee Break
  11:00 AM: Session 2: Stars Young and Old, Small and Large   [Chair: D. Fischer]
  Ray Jayawardhana
“Sub-stellar Companions to Young Stars and Brown Dwarfs” (15 mins)
  Viki Joergens
“Very Low-mass Spectroscopic Companion of the Brown Dwarf ChaHa8” (10 mins)
  Michael Endl
“New Results from the McDonald Observatory and ESO/VLT Planet Surveys” (20 mins)
  John Johnson
“Retired A Stars and Their Planets” (20 mins)
  Bun'ei Sato
“Properties of Planets around G & K Giants” (15 mins)
  Andrzej Niedzielski
“The PSU/TCfA Search for Planets around Evolved Stars” (10 mins)
  12:30 PM: Break for lunch
  4:00 PM: Session 3: Transits and Microlensing   [Chair: A. Udalski]
“Latest Results from the PLANET Collaboration” (15 mins)
  Frederic Pont
“Ground-based Surveys for Transiting Planets” (15 mins)
  Kailash Sahu
“Planets in the Galactic Bulge” (15 mins)
  Josh Winn
“High-Precision Transit Photometry and Spectroscopy” (20 mins)
  Magali Deleuil
“News and Preliminary Results of the Corot Space Mission” (25 mins)
  5:30 PM: Coffee Break
  6:00 PM: Session 4: Planets around Neutron Stars and in Star Clusters   [Chair: A. Wolszczan]
  Ingrid Stairs
“Pulsar Planets in Globular Clusters” (30 mins)
  Deepto Chakrabarty
“A Debris Disk around a Young Neutron Star” (15 mins)
  Steinn Sigurdsson
“Second Chance Planets” (15 mins)
  David Weldrake
“Searching for Planetary Transits in Star Clusters” (15 mins)
  Mike Shara
“N-body Simulations of Solar Systems in Open Clusters” (15 mins)
  DAY II - Wednesday, June 27

  9:00 AM: Session 1: Planets around White Dwarfs   [Chair: I. Stairs]
  Mike Jura
“Dust Disks around Externally-Polluted Single White Dwarfs” (15 mins)
  Boris Gaensicke
“Gaseous Debris Disks around Warm White Dwarfs” (15 mins)
  Hans Zinnecker
“An HST Imaging Survey of Cluster and Field White Dwarfs for Self-luminous Giant Planets” (15 mins)
  Fergal Mullally
“Planets around Pulsating White Dwarfs” (15 mins)
  Mario Livio
“Planets and Stellar Evolution: A Theoretical Perspective” (20 mins)
  Eva Villaver
“Planets Surviving Stellar Evolution” (10 mins)
  10:30 AM: Coffee Break
  11:00 AM: Session 2: Planets in Binaries   [Chair: D. Latham]
  Anne Eggenberger
“Probing the Impact of Stellar Duplicity on Planet Occurrence” (20 mins)
  Silvano Desidera
“Planets in Binaries from RV Searches” (20 mins)
  Francesco Marzari
“Planetesimal Accumulation in Binary Star Systems” (15 mins)
  Elisa Quintana
“Terrestrial Planet Formation in Binary Star Sytems” (15 mins)
  Genya Takeda
“Dynamical Evolution of Planetary Systems in Binaries” (20 mins)
  12:30 PM: Poster viewing with free food provided at the Conference Center
  4:00 PM: Session 3: Planet Formation   [Chair: C. Clarke]
  Andrew Youdin
“The Formation of Planetesimals with Particle Feedback” (15 mins)
  Zoe Leinhardt
“Terrestrial Planet Formation: A Review and Current Directions” (30 mins)
  Christoph Mordasini
“Giant Planet Formation by Core Accretion” (20 mins)
  Lucio Mayer
“Giant Planet Formation via Gravitational Instability” (25 mins)
  5:30 PM: Coffee Break
  6:00 PM: Session 4: Close-In Planets: Formation and Structure   [Chair: M. Mayor]
  Caroline Terquem
“Forming Hot Super-Earths” (20 mins)
  Dimitar Sasselov
“Super-Earth Planets: Extreme Interiors” (20 mins)
  Marc Kuchner
“Carbon Planets” (15 mins)
  Isabelle Baraffe
“Structure and Evolution of Close-In Exoplanets” (15 mins)
  Alain Lecavelier
“Evaporation of Hot Jupiters: Constraints from Observations” (15 mins)
  Stan Peale
“Obliquity Tides in Hot Jupiters” (15 mins)
  DAY III - Thursday, June 28

  9:00 AM: Session 1: Dynamical Evolution   [Chair: R. Mardling]
  Mario Juric
“Extreme Eccentricities from Planet-Planet Interactions” (15 mins)
  Soko Matsumura
“Dynamically Unstable Planetary Systems Emerging Out of Gas Disks” (15 mins)
  Eric Ford
“Testing Planet Formation Models with Extrasolar Planets” (15 mins)
  Ed Thommes
“Resonant Planets: From Stability to Violent Upheaval” (15 mins)
  Aki Roberge
“Gas and Dust in Debris Disks: What is Normal?” (20 mins)
  Amaya Moro-Martin
“The Dust, Planetesimals and Planets of HD 38529” (10 mins)
  10:30 AM: Coffee Break
  11:00 AM: Session 2: Young Stars and Star Clusters   [Chair: C. Terquem]
  Cathie Clarke
“The Triggering of Planet Formation by Gravitational Instability in Dense Stellar Clusters” (20 mins)
  Fred Adams
“Effects of Clusters on Forming Solar Systems” (20 mins)
  Lisa Prato
“Surveying the Youngest Stars for the Youngest Substellar Companions” (20 mins)
  Jane Greaves
“Imaging a Companion in Formation” (15 mins)
  Kevin Luhman
“Distinguishing Giant Planets and Brown Dwarfs” (15 mins)
  12:30 PM: Break for lunch
  4:00 PM: Session 3: Extreme Planetary Atmospheres   [Chair: I. Baraffe]
  Heather Knutson
“Mapping the Atmospheres of Hot Jupiters” (20 mins)
  Drake Deming
“Spitzer Spectroscopy of Hot Jupiters” (20 mins)
  David Sing
“Detecting and Characterizing the Atmospheres of Transiting Hot Jupiters” (15 mins)
  Travis Barman
“Atmospheric Properties of Extrasolar Planets” (15 mins)
  Seth Redfield
“A Ground-Based Search for Absorption Features in Transmission Spectra of Transiting Extrasolar Planets” (10 mins)
  Giovanna Tinetti
“Transmission Spectra of Giant and Terrestrial Exoplanets” (10 mins)
  5:30 PM: Coffee Break
  6:00 PM: Session 4: Extreme Weather   [Chair: S. Balbus]
  Jonathan Fortney
“The Impact of Transit Observations on Planetary Physics” (30 mins)
  Kristen Menou
“Atmospheric Circulation of Hot Jupiters” (25 mins)
  Adam Showman
“Atmospheric Dynamics of Hot Jupiters” (25 mins)
  Christiane Helling
“Cloud Formation in Giant Planets” (10 mins)
  DAY IV - Friday, June 29

  9:00 AM: Session 1: The Future   [Chair: W. Traub]
  Jian Ge
“The Multi-object APO Radial-Velocity Exoplanet Large-area Survey (MARVELS)” (10 mins)
  Debra Fischer
“Limits to RV Surveys” (25 mins)
  Christophe Lovis
“Pushing Down the Limits of RV Precision with HARPS” (15 mins)
  Dave Latham
“Kepler and Follow-Up Science” (20 mins)
  Eric Agol
“Optimizing Coronagraphic Surveys for Planets” (20 mins)
  10:30 AM: Coffee Break
  11:00 AM: Session 2: The Future (cont)   [Chair: M. Livio]
  Wes Traub
“Terrestrial-Planet Transits of M Stars” (10 mins)
  Damien Segransan
“Astrometry from the Ground and from Space” (30 mins)
  Scott Gaudi
“Microlensing Searches for Extrasolar Planets: Results and Future Prospects” (30 mins)
  Jack Lissauer
“How Extreme Can Planetary Systems Be?” (20 mins)
  12:30 PM: Break for lunch
  4:00 PM: Session 3: Habitability of Extreme Planets   [Chair: J. Lissauer]
  Larry Ramsey
“Warm Planets around Cool Stars: Searches for Habitable Zone Planets around Late M Dwarfs” (10 mins)
  Jerry Edelstein
“Searching for Cool-Star Exo-Planets in the Near Infrared” (10 mins)
  Jean Schneider
“Habitability of Super-Earths” (10 mins)
  Diana Valencia
“Super Earths Evolution: Towards Habitability” (10 mins)
  Nader Haghighipour
“Habitability of Planets in Binaries” (10 mins)
  Martyn Fogg
“Terrestrial Planet Formation in Hot-Jupiter Systems” (10 mins)
  Rosemary Mardling
“Inflated Planets and Their Low-Mass Companions” (10 mins)
  Daniel Apai
“Planetary Systems around the Coolest Stars: Formation, Properties, and Habitability” (10 mins)
  5:30 PM: Coffee Break
  6:00 PM: Session 4: Habitability - Summary and Discussion   [Chair: S. Sigurdsson]
  Doug Lin
“Earth-like Planets: Frequency of Occurrence, Predictions, Speculations” (30 mins)

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