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in Celebration of Ron Webbink's 65th Birthday

on Mykonos, Greece -- June 22 - 25, 2010

Apologies to those who receive this message twice. This is the last announcement sent to the general Mykonos2010 e-mail list; all later messages concerning the conference will be sent only to the group of participants who have registered officially at:


The list of participants can be found at:



MARCH 22, 2010 - Early-registration deadline (registration fee: $350; the fee is $425 after this deadline)

APRIL 19, 2010 - Hotel Room Reservation Deadline (at the conference hotel); see below


The tentative scientific program is now set! Small changes may occur, if people's plans change in the next few weeks. If you don't see your name on the program, you are welcome to bring a poster at the conference. Details concerning posters will be circulated later.

The tentative program is attached in PDF form and it will be posted online at: http://legacy.ciera.northwestern.edu/Ron-fest2010/ (within hours from receipt of this message)

If you see your name of the program and you cannot participate or cannot make the specific time slot for some reason, please let me know ASAP.


(1) A Hotel Room Reservation Form for the Saint John Hotel is now available! You can print it from:


Make sure to read it carefully and provide as much of the information requested, as possible, so we can serve your request best. Fill it in and fax it to the hotel by APRIL 19, 2010.

I would recommend that you reserve your room sooner than later to ensure you get your first choice on the type of room.

(2) A web form where participants can pair up with other participants and share a hotel room is also available at:


If you intend to find a room-mate, try to do so soon, and ONLY THEN submit a hotel reservation form with both names listed on each form; each participant should submit their own separate form, indicating the name of their participant room mate; the credit card each participant provides will be charged for 50% of the room cost.

(Please respect the guidelines for using this page; NO ONE MAY REMOVE ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES FROM THIS LIST!)

(3) For participants interested in hotels of lower category and within a close distance from Saint John, we can suggest:

Manoula's Hotel www.hotelmanoulas.gr/ (95-140 euros per night for 2 adults)

If you are interested in booking a room at another hotel, you can go ahead on your own; you can also let us know of your interest by sending an e-mail message to: ciera@northwestern.edu Depending on how many participants are interested in other hotels, the SOC can work on *potentially* booking a set of rooms at one or more hotels other than the Saint John.


On the evening of Monday, June 21 we will host a welcome dinner reception (buffet style) and on the evening of Wednesday, June 23 we will host a banquet dinner. The registration fee for conference participants *covers* the cost for both the dinner reception and the banquet dinner (food and drinks). If you would like family members or friends to join you, please indicate the number of additional tickets you will need on the hotel registration form (you can purchase them for each event separately with and without alcoholic drink packages).

On the Thursday we will have only a late afternoon session. The morning is free and we can organize two different excursions: a guided tour of Delos (archeological site) or a boat tour of Mykonos with swimming opportunities or both. Please indicate your preferences on the hotel registration form - no charge for these events will be made at the time of the hotel reservation; we are just probing interest through the form and people can sign up at the meeting (none of these Thursday events are covered by the registration fee, so an additional cost of about 40-50 euros per person per excursion is anticipated, although it is not fully set yet).

If you are interested in coming and have not yet registered, please do so ASAP and certainly before March 22 for the early-registration fee.


Matthew Bailes - Swinburne University of Technology

Luciano Burderi - University of Cagliari

Tiziana di Salvo - University of Palermo

Peter Eggleton - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Zhanwen Han - Chinese Academy of Sciences

Vicky Kalogera - Northwestern University

Andrew King - University of Leicester

Gijs Nelemans - Radboud University

Fred Rasio - Northwestern University

Hans Ritter - MPA Garching

Mike Shara - American Museum of Natural History

Chris Tout - University of Cambridge

Ed van den Heuvel - University of Amsterdam

Ron Webbink - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dayal Wickramasinghe - Australian National University

CIERA - Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics
Northwestern University