The conference program will start on Sunday afternoon, Sep 11, with an opening reception. The talk sessions will be from Monday morning through Friday afternoon, with a half-day break on Wednesday afternoon. The banquet will be on Friday evening at the hotel. On Saturday, Sep 17, there will be a number of activities offered by the hotel and available to all participants (for a fee, not included in registration), including a full-day tour of Yellowstone National Park. Some of the shorter activities may also be good options for the Wednesday afternoon break. Please note that space is limited and therefore we encourage everyone to call the hotel and book as early as possible.

Information for speakers: please check the schedule and advise us promptly of any change or cancellation. Talk times indicated in the schedule include questions: a 10-min talk is really 8+2, a 15-min talk is 12+3, and a 20-min talk is 16+4. If you feel that it is critically important to make adjustments to these times, please contact your session chair. We also encourage speakers to mention relevant posters, and perhaps even to include a 1-slide summary of a particularly relevant poster as part of their oral presentations. Please check the full program with abstracts.

Information for poster presenters: posters will be displayed prominently around the main conference areas and will remain on display for the whole week, providing plenty of time for viewing during lunch and coffee breaks. Posters should be printed so that they fit within the following MAXIMUM SIZE: 44"x44" (i.e., 1.1m on each side). Mounting supplies (pushpins etc.) will be provided. If possible please set up your poster Sunday afternoon before the opening reception. The location of your poster will be indicated with your poster number (on printed program handed out at registration).

As of 9/1/2011 we can no longer accept cancelations or refunds for registration.



The Internet access available at the Jackson Lake Lodge will be limited in bandwidth because of the remote location and infrastructure. Each attendee will have a username and password that will be printed on the back of their badge that will allow them to access the special wireless we setup for the meeting. Look for wireless signals named AASMTG2G and AASMTG5G. There will also be free wireless provided through the lodge but it will likely be overcrowded. In addition to the wireless available there will be a few computers setup as part of the Cyber Cafe and free Ethernet cables to connect directly to your personal laptop.

Please be courteous and conserve the limited bandwidth while at the ESS meeting. Please be sure to run any operating system and other software updates before you arrive at the meeting. If you are giving a talk please upload your files ahead of time using the link that was emailed to you. You should also have your files on your laptop or a flash drive as a backup.


You should have already received an email with instructions on how to upload your presentation for the upcoming conference. If you need instructions or have any questions on this procedure, please feel free to contact IT support at


The meeting will take place at the famous Jackson Lake Lodge, located inside Grand Teton National Park at the Northern end of Jackson Hole valley and right next to the South entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The Lodge, now a US National Historic Landmark, was built in the 1950's by architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, for John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s Grand Teton Lodge and Transportation Company. More information about the hotel can be found at their website.

To book your room please call the hotel directly at 1-800-628-9988 (US), or +1-307-543-3100 (int). Less expensive, rustic "cabins" (some large enough for a group of 4) may also be available in the area and can be booked online through the hotel's web site.

For those interested in sharing a room with another participant, a list of available roommates can be found here

We strongly encourage all participants to stay at the Jackson Lake Lodge, as other hotels in the area will likely be either much more expensive or very far away. Note that the town of Jackson is about 35 miles away from the conference hotel. Information on all lodging options in Grand Teton National Park is available on the park's website.




The nearest airport is Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), about 25 miles from the hotel. It is serviced by American, Delta, Frontier, Skywest, and United Airlines. These airlines provide nonstop flights to and from Denver, Salt Lake City, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. More info can be found here. Transport from the airport to the hotel by shuttle bus is provided by Jackson Hole Alltrans; please book online or call 1-800-443-6133 (US) or +1-307-733-3135 (int.). The fare is $45 one-way ($90 roundtrip) plus tax. All individuals are also responsible for paying the National Park entry fee at the park gate; the cost is $12 per person and cash is preferred. Regular taxis are also available at the airport and the fare to the hotel is around $60.

However, flying to Jackson Hole can be expensive, so, especially if you book late and/or are coming from outside the US, you may want to check more major airports further away, including Salt Lake City, Utah (about 340 miles away) and Denver, Colorado (500 miles). Denver (DEN) is a major international airport served by many European airlines such as British Airways and Lufthansa, in addition to all US carriers. The drive North to Jackson along the Rockies is both easy and very scenic, and having a rental car during your stay may be very nice, especially if you plan on staying longer and visiting the parks.


Looking to carpool? A list of willing participants can be found here