EXTREME SOLAR SYSTEMS III — Third Announcement — 11/20/2015



Because of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, our very last chance to make changes to the conference web site (http://legacy.ciera.northwestern.edu/Hawaii2015.php) before the start of the meeting will be Wednesday next week (Nov 25). Any last-minute update or correction should be sent by email directly to: Gretchen Oehlschlager (glo@northwestern.edu). The next opportunity for edits will be during the week of the conference.

All participants: please check that your name and affiliation appear correctly at http://legacy.ciera.northwestern.edu/Hawaii2015/participants.php.

Poster presenters: your poster number appears in the full program online, http://legacy.ciera.northwestern.edu/Hawaii2015/ExSS_3_2015_abstracts.pdf. We can no longer make changes to this document. When the poster room opens on Sunday afternoon (or evening—the exact time remains TBD) please look for your number on a poster board to know where to set up. Remember that the maximum size for posters is 44” x 44” (1.1m x 1.1m).

Speakers and session chairs: now would be a good time to check that all information for your session/talk appears correctly at http://legacy.ciera.northwestern.edu/Hawaii2015/program.php. Please double-check that the order of talks for your session is correct, including any recent adjustments. Precise talk times or durations will not be indicated here. All talks are 15 minutes (including questions) by default. Deviations from this should be arranged between speakers and session chairs directly and further adjustments can be made until the very last minute.


The AAS will be organizing a press conference during the meeting. If you have an important and potentially newsworthy discovery that you plan to announce at the meeting, please contact Rick Fienberg (rick.fienberg@aas.org) immediately.

We are still planning to have an evening discussion session on Tuesday (Dec 1). The topic could be related to a major new announcement made at the meeting (at ExSS II in Jackson Hole it was circumbinary planets, following the announcement of Kepler-16b at the meeting). Please email Fred Rasio, or anyone on the SOC, if you would like to suggest a topic for this session (and if the SOC likes your suggestion, expect to be asked to organize it!).


We can take about 30 people to tour the Maunakea summit and visit some of the telescopes (most likely CFHT, Gemini, and Subaru). Vans will depart the hotel right around noon on Wednesday (Dec 2) and arrive at the Visitor Center (http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/info/vis/) around 1:30 PM. You must stay at the visitor center for about an hour to acclimate and listen to a safety briefing. The tour of the telescopes at the summit will last about an hour, from 3-4 PM. Vans will return to the hotel by 6 PM.

The cost for the tour is US $169 per person and you must book as soon as possible online at: https://aas.org/content/maunakea-telescope-tour-registration.

Please note that the summit of Maunakea is at 4,205 m (13,800 ft) and you will have left from sea level just a few hours earlier. Altitude sickness is a definite possibility. Anyone in poor health, especially with a heart or respiratory problem, should consult their physician before planning a visit to such high altitude. Anyone pregnant or under 16 will not be allowed beyond the Visitor Center (at 2,800 m). You should also avoid high altitude within 24 hours after scuba diving.

Also be aware that the weather at the summit (http://mkwc.ifa.hawaii.edu/forecast/mko/) is quite extreme and unpredictable. At this time of year the temperature at the summit may be near freezing, and rain or snow are not unlikely. So, if you plan to join this tour, remember to pack some warm winter clothes even though you are going to a tropical island!


Follow #ExSS3 on Twitter for the latest news and last-minute updates next week, and use this hashtag to tweet during the meeting!