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Eryn Cangi
ecangi *at* uoregon *dot* edu - LinkedIn
Third-year undergraduate in physics and computer science
University of Oregon Department of Physics

About Eryn: Eryn holds a B.S. in theatre arts from the University of Oregon, 2010, with minors in business and Spanish. After a few years working in IT, she returned to school to pursue a post-baccalaureate degree in physics and plans to attend graduate school in astrophysics. Her main science interests are in orbital mechanics, exoplanets, planetary science and programming. She also secretly loves applied math and topology, tries to spend time periodically participating in science outreach, and is an advocate for the intersection and collaboration of art and science. When not in the lab, she is likely to be found reading, gardening, hiking, snowboarding, or playing music with friends.

Dr. Daniel Abrams
dmabrams *at* northwestern *dot* edu
Assistant professor, Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics
Northwestern University