posters can be prepared with any reasonable shape and size, and they will remain on display at the ACP throughout the meeting. On Tuesday there will be a special poster viewing lunch session, with food and drinks provided, immediately following the morning talk session.


Ben Bar-Or and Tal Alexander (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel): Steady State Relativistic Stellar Dynamics around a Massive Black Hole (poster)
Ben Bar-Or and Tal Alexander (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel): Relativistic Orbits around a Massive Black Hole – The statistical Mechanics Approach (poster)
Vivienne Baldassare (University of Michigan): Nucleation Fraction in the Field versus Cluster Environment (poster)
Drew Clausen (Caltech): Coronal Emission Line Light Echoes Following Tidal Disruption Events
Toshihiro Kawaguchi (NAO, Japan): Relics of Galaxy Merging: Observational Predictions for a Wandering Massive Black Hole and Accompanying Star Cluster in the M31 Halo (poster)
Aleksey Generozov (Columbia): Circumnuclear Mediums and Accretion Rates Quiescent Supermassive Black Holes (poster)

Marion Grould (Observatoire de Paris, France): Relativistic Orbits in the Galactic Center and General Relativity Tests with Gravity
Brunetto Marco Ziosi & Michela Mapelli (INAF): Influence of the Structural Properties of Star Clusters on the Formation and Evolution of Black Hole Binaries
Ryan O’Leary (JILA): The Peculiar Pulsar Population of the Central Parsec
Richard O'Shaughness (Rochester Institute of Technology): Understanding and evolving precessing black hole binaries (poster)
Laura Shishkovsky (Michigan State University): A Radio Continuum Search for Black Holes in the Milky Way Globular Cluster M10 (poster)
Mario Spera, Michela Mapelli, Alessandro Bressan (INAF, Italy): The Mass Spectrum of Compact Remnants from the PARSEC Stellar Evolution Tracks (poster)
Jong Suk Hong and Hyung Mok (Seoul National University, South Korea): The Black Hole Binaries in Galactic Nuclei and Gravitational Wave Sources
Long Wang (Peking University, China): NBODY6++GPU Ready for Million-Body Globular Cluster Simulation – Black Hole Evolution (poster)



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Andrea Ghez - UCLA -
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