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Image Source: Hubble Space Telescope

Simulations of Galaxy Formation and Evolution, including Star Formation, Stellar Feedback, Black Hole/Galaxy Co-Evolution, and the Intergalactic Medium

Image Source: CfA Harvard

Observations of Gamma-ray Bursts and Supernovae, Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Waves, and Compact Object Binaries

Image Source: NASA

Compact Object Astrophysics, Evolution of Single and Binary Stars, Gravitational-Wave Sources and Data Analysis, X-ray Binaries and Pulsars

Image Source: NASA

Theory of Planetary Dynamics, Planet Formation, and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Image Source: Hubble Space Telescope

Broad-Band Observations (X-rays to Radio) and Modelling of Astronomical Transients such as Stellar Eruptions, Explosions, and Disruptions by Supermassive Black Holes

Image Source: Hubble Space Telescope

Structure in The Diffuse Interstellar Medium: High Resolution Spectroscopy with Ground- and Space-Based Observatories

Image Source: BLAST Collaboration

Far-IR/Submillimeter Instrument Development, Studies of Star/Planet Formation and the Interstellar Medium

Image Source: Hubble Space Telescope

Gravitational Wave Astrophysics; Stellar Dynamics (dense star clusters, massive black holes); Exoplanets (formation, dynamical evolution)

Image Source: UC Berkeley

Theory and Simulation of Compact Object Accretion, Outflows, and Emission; Development of Algorithms and Codes

Image Source: NAOJ

Adaptive X-Ray Optics (made with Magnetic Smart Materials), Near Infrared Cameras, and Deployable Optics for Space-Based Telescopes

Image Source: Universe Today

The Galactic Center and Observational Studies of Galactic Star Formation and AGN Activity with VLA and ALMA

Research Highlights (in-depth articles)