The proceedings of the 2004 Aspen Winter Conference on Binary Radio Pulsars will be published in the ASP Conference Proceedings Series and will be edited by Fred Rasio and Ingrid Stairs.

All registered participants are entitled to one copy of the proceedings (covered by your registration fee). You should send us by email (to Fred Rasio) your name and shipping address for the book.

Authors should download the following LaTeX style file and instructions:

Most of you should be familiar with these from previous conferences. Please follow the guidelines closely and DO NOT change anything to the format (e.g., DO NOT fiddle with margins or text sizes!). Also make sure to use ApJ style references.

You are encouraged to submit updated papers, even if this means incorporating results or data that were not yet available in Aspen. Our goal is to produce a useful, up-to-date book, not an archeological record of the conference.


PAGE LIMITS: 1.5 page per 5 mins of talk time (e.g., 6 pages for a 20-min talk, 12 pages for a 40-min review). If you need to deviate significantly from these limits, please contact us well ahead of the deadline.

For poster papers and "2-minute" talks, if you would like your contribution to appear in the proceedings you have two options:

  1. submit a one-page summary/abstract (this is DISCOURAGED);
  2. find a speaker who is willing to add you as a co-author on a longer paper, in which case you get 2 extra pages (e.g., 8 pages for a 20-min talk plus poster) to incorporate the additional material (this is what we prefer).

COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT: Please print and complete the copyright agreement and send the signed copy by fax or mail to:

Fred Rasio
Northwestern University
Dept of Physics and Astronomy
2145 Sheridan Rd
Evanston, IL 60208-0834, U.S.A.
Fax: +1 847 467 6857

Finally, to those of you who took digital pictures at the conference: if you have some good ones, please send them to us and we may put them on this web site and/or publish them in the proceedings!